Moderation is the key word for longer life

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|| Death means no logic ||

On Oct. 29, famous cardiologist Dr. Puneeth Rajkumar passed away at the age of 46.

Dr. Devi Shetty gave a clear statement. I liked it a lot -

Dr. Devi Shetty writes:
" Lost 8/9 of my dearest acquaintances and some celebrities , forever, in the last few years. They were in their forties and died because of the _extra effort to be 'physically fit'._

Unfortunately - they just looked fit, they had had six packs or something. Puneeth also joined that list.

In anything in life, the most important thing is moderation.
"Neither the 'zero figure' nor the exaggeration of a hundred is correct.
A moderate amount of exercise is needed every day - about 20 minutes. Eat everything, no detoxification, no keto moto diet, eat everything your ancestors ate, all local and seasonal foods available in your town - but in small amounts. No need for exotic kiwi fruit, kale or olive oil. 7 hours of intensive sleep is required, the needs of the body must be met, but it should not be through steroids or performance enhancing drugs.
Eat everything you ate growing up, but in small amounts; Do twenty/thirty minutes of light exercise and a little walk regularly and stop taking supplements.

Do you understand my message? Nothing, just mediocrity.

Add a few moments of silent meditation a day to your routine, this is best done through prayer.

One very important thing is to listen, understand and pay attention to body language. You have to understand your body, your responsibility.

After 40 some physiological changes start,
after 50 more,
after 60 the body starts to relax,
after 70 it starts to close,
after 80 every year is a bonus.
So 60 is the new 40 or age is just a number - stop saying that. These are not correct. After 40 or 50, you be grateful if your health is intact, but slow down a bit to keep your heart rate up.

Please try to understand - there are logical reasons for timing retirement. Your body and mind can no longer handle the pressure that you once could. You look great on the outside, thanks to your 'genes', but on the inside the organs are decaying.

Be happy and beautiful, not outwardly, but inwardly as well.

*|| Footnote 1||*
In summary there are 6 instructions:
▪️20 minutes of light exercise
▪️Walking regularly
▪️Seven hours of deep sleep
 ▪️Alone meditation
▪️Eat all foods- in small amounts
▪️Listening to the body and taking action accordingly.

*|| Footnote 2 ||*
No theory is universal, those who disagree, that's their right - I respect their opinion.

🙏Be happy internally and not externally.!!👏 "

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