NFU is diluted for Army & Will be Accepted by Govt by not opposing it in Court

By -
NFU, this time, they are not going to oppose 

Because it is the diluted version that the govt agreed to

The actual NFU says within 2 yrs of IAS parallel batch that means col in 11 yrs 16 yrs brig 20 yrs maj Gen and 28 yrs Lt Gen

But is actually going to come is two yrs after army promotion 

That is 18 yrs col 
28 yrs brig 
34 yrs maj Gen 
40 yrs Lt Gen

So 90 percent will be affected only for col pay

Which is as such after some  yrs almost equal

Only 10 percent will get brig nfu - which again after 10 yrs of col pay will be minimal increase

So it will come and be accepted

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