ÑIRVANA in Real Life

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Meet Lt Col Arjun Gopala Ratnam Iyer. AOC, 46NDA  India Sqn,
( In the minmalistic Loin Cloth ) .

Of late I find that quite a few of us in our mid 60s on Bamboodoor have Ants in their Pants and are getting our Knickers into a tangled  twist over all knds of inconsequential  stuff ....NFU , Service Dresses , CAA , Ra Ga , So Ga , NaMo, Am Sh , Mamta di , INDI alliance ,  BJP, Hindu- Muslim  et al .
Its becoming almost like an  obsession . ...We are on on the narrow and irretrievable path of becoming crabby old men  who are a pain to all and sundry  around them including their near & dear ones .
 We need to take a step back and  review whats happening to us and make some mid course corrections . ..get back to finding  meaning ,  joy and happiness in everything in  our lives and attain Contentment & Serenity of mind akin to  a near  form of  Nirvana .
  Meet another Alumni of our Alma Mater NDA who has found his peace ,tranquility and  Mojo in life  by living a simple ,uncomplcated life by   carrying out organic farming in a  remote village near Madurantakam in TN .
He gives away all the produce to the vllagers and pays his farm hands from his pension .
His life  may be the  other extreme end of the spectrum, but there is a lesson here for all of us to strike a good balance  ; by eliminating meaningless clutter in our lives and arriving  at   what works best for us .
Think about it guys  &  lets  apply  mid course corrections in our Life's GPS

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