What is Kejriwal Liquor Scam?

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Why the Dy CM of Delhi was arrested by CBI & now the CM Kejriwal ?

What were the real issues in liquor scam in Delhi? 

A friend forwarded a small brief in this regard. You may go through to know the magnitude of this scam. 
Politicians go to any extent to forgo revenues to the Govt and channelise them to themselves. Could not believe that such things can happen. 

'Old liquor policy of Delhi' :
 750ML Wholesale Price ₹166.73
 Excise Duty ₹223.88
 VAT ₹106.00
 Retailer commission ₹ 33.39
 MRP ₹530.00

 New liquor policy of kejriwal implemented in March 2022 :
750MLWholesale Price₹188.41
 Excise Duty ₹ 1.88
 VAT 1% ₹ 1.90
 Retailer Margin ₹ 363.27
 Additional excise ₹ 4.54
 MRP ₹560.00

 Thus, in the old liquor policy, the government's earnings on a bottle = 329.89 and in the new liquor policy only 8.32.  That is, a loss to the government of ₹ 321.57 per bottle from the new policy.  In the old policy, the retailer's commission would be 33.39 whereas in the new policy the retailer's commission was Rs 363.27 for a few months  , i.e. profit to the retailer of ₹ 330.12 per bottle.

       Looking here, it is clear that the retailer benefits almost as much as the government suffers per bottle, but a little more than that.  Now one can understand that by making a clever new policy of Susu & Keju, how much benefit has been given to the Manufacturers/Retailers.....

        Now how did this benefit reach the manufacturer, then in the new policy, the manufacturers were allowed to open shops in retail (which was wrong as per the rules).

      Now look at the sales figures too.

       In the old policy where the sale of liquor was = 132 lakh liters per month, then in the new policy, the sale of liquor per month = 245 lakh liters.  To increase this sale, the drinking age has been reduced to 18 years and time has been increased till 3 am  !!!  Dry days have been reduced from 31 to only 3 days..... so that alcohol consumption is maximized .  

       Now you must have understood that how big and a huge scam this is and how much money Susu& Keju Caucus has earned, due to which the Chief Secretary had to ask LG for CBI investigation.....

       This is the condition of the party which came to power with a thumping majority claiming to eradicate corruption from politics.  
But skeletons falling out of their cupboard 

Whoever is corrupt, should not be spared.

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