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It was in 2010 when I travelled quite a lot in Rajasthan by road. On many occasions I crossed thousands of pilgrims walking on the road. When I had enquired I learnt they were all going to Khatu Shyam ji shrine. But I didn't get an opportunity to visit the shrine.

In 2019 I happened to have a chance meeting with highly revered Mrs Shraddha Bakshi, a motivational speaker and working for FUEL organization in Muzaffarpur. As my wife and me paid our respects to her, she exclaimed that she felt having met *Khatu Shyam ji*

And today, after three years I am at this original shrine of Khatu Shyam ji, in Rajasthan. 

The euphoria of landing on this land is unmatched. I have had such goosebumps experiences only on few occasions in my many years of travel and pilgrimage.

Khatu is a small village. But millions visit this place... almost half of them walk for days to reach this place.

*Why is it that this shrine in this small village is so powerful to pull millions and millions?*

Khatu Shyam ji is one such deity, who is always there for the one who has lost and is defeated in the long struggle of life.

Almost all of us at some point of time in life face failure, defeated and absolute helplessness. It's during these days, a visit to this powerful shrine would turn the events in order.

*Who is Khatu Shyam ji?*
He is the son of Ghatodgaja, Son of Bhima, the Pandava. 
His original name was Barbarika.

As a young man, he was very spiritual person. He did tapas for years. Impressed by his tapas  the God gave him powers to defeat anyone whom he fights 

As he returns home, he learns that the great war of Kurukshetra was about to begin. And he wishes to contribute in the war with his power. 

However his mother orders him to fight only for the weaker side always. He assures her and starts for the battlefield.

Lord Krishna learns about the participation of Barbarika. He was aware of the implications of his participation as it would lead to destruction of everyone in the end.

Lord Krishna meets him enroute as a Brahmin. With His tact he convinces Barbarika to severe his head and offer Him.

Barbarika readily severed his head and offers to Lord Krishna. Before that he asks for two boons.

Firstly, he wants everyone to call him by the name *Shyam* due to his absolute devotion for Lord Krishna.

Secondly, he wants his severed head to be placed at such a place where he can observe the war of Kurukshetra. 

Both the boons were granted.

Legends say  that it was at this very village his severed head was found.

From that time onwards, devotees who are lost and defeated, throng this place in millions to seek His blessings.

Khatu Shyam ji ki Jai 🙏

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