You ask your wife something and she says...can you decipher it - check it now

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✋You ask your wife something and she says,
"Wahan rakha hai"

This "wahan" can be either on the table or Antarctica.

✋when wife say,
"Woh laa do"

It can be her Lipstick or An AK 56

✋When Wife says 
"Yeh kya hai "

It can be your Pyjamas on the floor or a Radioactive Drone flying over Afghanistan 

✋When wife says, 
"tumhe samajh nahi aata"

It can be about a new emotional whatsapp msg or Einstein's Theory of Relativity 

✋when wife says, 
"Abb Bohot ho gaya "

It can be the mascara she is putting or the amount of Anthrax that needs to be put in a Biological Weapon.

✋When wife says, 
"main kaisi lag rahi hoon? "

It doesn't have any other meaning, it just puts you in a fix which Arjun had just before the fight in Mahabharata as to Whether you should follow Dharma or Karma 


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