Agniveers Benefits

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In the first year, Agniveers can expect an Annual Salary of approximately Rs. 4.76 lakh, which increases to Rs. 6.92 lakh in the final year of their service. So in 4 years they will earn approximately 21 Lakhs.

Additional Benefits
Seva Nidhi Package: After completing 4 years of service, Agniveers will receive a one-time payment of Rs. 11.71 Lakh.
Regular Cadre Opportunity: 25% of Agniveer candidates have the potential to join the regular cadre of the Armed forces.

Life Insurance Cover: A non-contributory life insurance cover of Rs. 48 Lakh will be provided.

Ex Gratia for Service-Related Death: Next of kin will receive an additional ex gratia amount of Rs. 44 Lakh in the event of a service-related death.

Disability Compensation: Agniveers with disabilities will receive one-time ex gratia payments of Rs. 44 Lakh (100% disability), Rs. 25 Lakh (75% disability), or Rs. 15 Lakh (50% disability).

Leave Entitlement: Agniveers can avail up to 30 days of leave per year.

Medical and Canteen Facilities: Agniveers will have access to medical facilities and canteen services.

Reservation: Agniveers will receive a 10% reservation in Assam Rifles, CAPFs, Coast Guard, and Defense PSU.

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