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(Disclaimer- Based on personal experiences. Based on Astrological calculations too)

Board exams results are out.

Too many students feel that didn't do well, inspite of studying hard.

Having a first hand experience of the coaching trend at major coaching hubs like Kota and Hyderabad, I was aghast to see how parents push their children to succeed in fields they are not meant for.

It's always good to know what fields are good for any student. In fact for every individual. Because they should be in alignment with our purpose of life.

Have you wondered what line of education is the best for your child once she completes her class X or XII?

It's a good thing.

We are lucky now, that there are many tools to find exactly what fields are good for us in the following dimensions

1. *What fields will give the best source of income*

2. *What fields are best for education till graduation*

3. *What fields are best for higher education after graduation*

4. *What fields are good for doing job*

5. *What fields are best for doing business and earning maximum profit*

There are now many firms who conduct psychometric tests to help deciding the best education path.

However, deep hypnotic session and *astrological analysis* also provide clarity on the above mentioned fields.

*Having accurate birth details will easily help us to find these fields*

Why is that knowing one's own *PURPOSE OF LIFE* is so important.

It's because the moment you become aware of your purpose of life and start your journey on that, your work will be your passion and purpose.

Rest everything will become irrelevant and insignificant.

The moment you plunge into the fields as decided by *THE SOURCE OR THE DIVINE* then you are in a thermal current of your destiny.

Every year over a  crore of baby Olive Ridley sea turtles break out of eggshells to mingle in the Gahirmatha seawaters , an unmanned island, on the east coast of India. 

There after the only task of the baby turtles is to run to the water and find out a thermal current in the sea.

There after they travel for thousands of miles towards the equator. And they fall back to the same place as a grown up adult turtles for mating and procreation.

If we see the physical capabilities of the turtles, they seem utterly incapable of swimming such long distances.

It's the thermal currents that take them to the desired destination at the exact time.

Their only task is to find out the thermal current, plunge into it and surrender. 

Our purpose of life is very akin to the thermal currents.

If we find them out correctly and plunge into and surrender, we should reach where we are destined.

Nothing is too late in life.

One can find out the purpose of life at any stage of life and thereafter realign his or her efforts and goals of life.

There are umpteen examples.

Edwin Hubble, on whose name Hubble telescope has been named was an athlete and an Army major, before he realised his purpose of life as an astro physicist.

We all need to find out our own purpose, the thermal currents of our that we can realign our efforts for what we are born for..or sent by the *SOURCE MOTHER* on this earth for contributing to a larger universal goal.

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