Interview Story

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A man gently knocked the interview room door. 
"May I come in Sir"

One of the panel members said "Come in"

The man tried to speak.  But he was asked to sit first. So he sat in a chair facing the panel members. 

One of them asked "What do you think of this room ?"

"Very nicely furnished Sir. A nice carpet,  Window screens, a board , projector, white screen. Great Sir'"

"Did you not notice that small paper bundled and thrown on the floor? Does it not spoil the ambience?"

"Sir I noticed it as soon as I entered this room. If I say something about this the man who threw this will feel awkward. It was thrown by the person sitting second from left. You can just see the scribbling pad on his table. The pad still has some  bit of paper from that bundle because it was not properly torn along the perforations"

"Good observation. Will you just ask the sweeper woman outside to come in and clean this?"

"'Yes Sir. Her name Sir?"

There was silence. 

"OK Sir. I think no one here knows her name. Any way I shall get her here Sir"

He  went out and asked the name of the sweeper from the peon sitting outside. 

He called her "Bhavani Please come and clean this interview room"

The interview resumed.

"You are doing fine . You respect the people who ever they are. Now can you tell me which one of us is the boss?"

'"Yes Sir. Two of you are just watching this without intervening. One if the two is the finance man who will step in only while negotiating the salary. The other one is the Dirctor of this whole play and he is the HR man. The man sitting in end is just smiling and talking occasionally to you . He is the boss. Though the person sitting in the centre gets lot of attention from all of you so that I will be confused that he is the boss"

"Splendid. You meet all our requirements.  Just wait outside for a while so that you can collect your appointment order"

"No more questions Sir. Like what is the height of Patel statue, where was President Murmu MLA earlier etc etc ?"

"No more questions need to be asked.  We only want your name to be confirmed. You are Mr Giridhar from Hyderabad. Is it not?"

"Sorry Sir. He is waiting outside"

"Then who are you?"

"Sir I am Prakash from the canteen.  I was asked to ascertain the number cups of Tea and coffee to be brought here and if any snacks are required.  Instead  I was offered a seat and interviewed.  It was nice Sir. I enjoyed it. Now will you please tell me the number of cups of Tea and Coffee to be brought here"


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