Polygamy - Hilarious

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A Female Professor was invited for a lecture and the topic she chose to talk about was polygamy.

She talked on the benefits of polygamy, why women should embrace it and support their husbands towards achieving it. 

As she kept emphasising on this topic, a lady from the audience raised her hand, stood up and introduced herself before speaking.

Lady: "Professor, I really appreciate this topic because am  relieved of my fear, I never knew you are this simple and understanding. Your message has given me the opportunity to open up to you,"

She cleared her throat and continued....

"*I have been married to your husband for the past four years, and between us, we have a set of twins* "

To the greatest surprise of all in the hall, the lady Professor fainted and was rushed to the hospital.

After she was revived, she opened her eyes to see the same lady standing by her bedside.

Lady: *Professor I don't know who your husband is. I just lied to you to see if you can handle what you preach to others. Next time, please pick on subjects that you are good at. Don't stand up on a stage and throw your shit around just because you have the title professor in front of your name*. 


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