Should we make furore on Army Senior level appointments being dictated by Politicians & Bureaucracy?

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I think we are doing overboard on the issues of appointment of COAS.

The winds of change must be read and understood by everyone.

This appointment is very much the prerogative of Govt and it has the full right to choose a candidate suting jys requirement as seems fit.
I m sure that competency is at equal level at the level of Army Cdrs, then why the fuss of "superceding" , when actually there is none.

Do we not have our own brother being "not empanelled" in the interest of the organisation? Why is it such an issue at the level of Army Cdrs?

We have unfortunately falen into the trap of calling out bureaucrats and politicians for all our issues at the drop of a hat, whenever there is slightest of their involvement in any constitutional process related to Defence Forces.
Infact,  given a chance, I m, we will have peope within this gp who can point out follies of the Army Cdrs and stories abt how they rose to that level...etc etc..

So, it's better not to make a mountain of not even a this case..

There are changes to be made in the interest of  the nation building in all our systems and Defence Forces are also a part of that. 

The more we with a myopic vision, the more stupid we will become.

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