Can Astrology predict elections outcome?

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Some have asked about Astro view of Elections. 
There is no knowledge  available which talks about Elections in Jyotisha. It's based on personal experience and knowledge of astrologers. Jyotisha can indicate a trend at best. 
1. Not possible to predict numbers. 
2. Unless one can access horoscopes of each candidate in a constituency it's not possible to predict who will win. Thus it's practically difficult to predict the numbers. 
3. If someone is still interested in above project, I can do so provided they are willing to provide correct data as required and few crores as charges and some time. Minor errors are possible but largely the results will be with least variance if above is available. 

Unpredictability is part of existence, even 5% tolerance is provided in manufacturing processes while the rejections are way above. Accidents and incidents do happen despite everything taken care of. 

It's a good wake up call for everyone in the political landscape. Hopefully we all will have our learnings from this election. But one must vote and discharge ones duty. It matters. 

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