Choti Si Kaam

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The  last train of the day has left the platform. An old woman is sitting without having the idea that next train will be at tomorrow morning..A cooli noticed that and asked the mother   - Maiji, where are you going? - I will go to Delhi to my son . - There is no train today, Maiji.  The woman looked helpless . Coolie was kind enough to offer a shelter for the woman in the waiting room . She agreed. The coolie asked her about her son ..   The mother replied that her son works in railway.  - Tell me the name. See if contact is possible… coolie said  - He is my Lal, Everyone calls him Lal Bahadur Shastri! (Mother replied)  The son was then the Cabinet Minister of Indian Railways. In a moment, the whole station was in a frenzy. Soon the saloon car came. The old woman was surprised.   Lal Bahadur Shastri knew nothing. All arrangements were made by Indian Railways.  After meeting her son  She asked the son - "beta tu rail me  kya kaam karta hai?Elog pucha to maine kuch nehi bolpaya."  Son said - "Chhot si kaam Ma" 

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