Did BJP lose Ayodhya or Faizabad seat?

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News - BJP has lost Ayodhya. 

This news is made so viral that no one thought for a moment that there is no seat named Ayodhya. The seat is named as Faizabad. 😳

Even most of the Right Wingers fall for this narrative. 

BJP has not lost the seat of Ayodhya, it has lost the seat of Faizabad.

Ayodhya is small part of the Faizabad constituency. 

There are 5 assembly segments under Faizabad. Ayodhya is one of these 5. 

Bjp got a lead in the Ayodhya assembly segment, while in the rest 4, BJP got less votes than SP.

So BJP has not lost Ayodhya. It has won. 

But purposely a narrative is being set that BJP has lost Ayodhya. The name Faizabad is not used and Ayodhya is used instead. 

BJP lost heavily in UP, so it is but natural that BJP supporters all over Bharat will be unhappy and angry. 

BJP lost 44 seats in UP, but only one seat is highlighted and shown as "Hindus lost Ayodhya".

And all this is done by those who opposed Ram Mandir till the last day. They even did not go for darshan. 

A narrative is created by those who doubted the existence of Shri Ram, as if Babar has come again. 

Now note this - when we say that BJP lost in Faizabad, it is like BJP lost in Gazipur, Baramulla, Hyderabad, Murshidabad, etc. Do you understand ? 

But when it is said that BJP lost Ayodhya, the message is going with a different meaning. 
Ayodhya is associated with Shri Ram. It is associated with Hindu Jagruti. The moment we hear the word Ayodhya, many emotions come out. 

Another point is we Right Wingers are expert in banning or boycotting something which we do not like. We ban, boycott things / persons at the drop of a hat. 

 Camp (I.N.D.I.) used this mentality to the best🤦🏻‍♀️

They created posts / messages like - 

 - We will not go to Ayodhya, means "Ban Ayodhya". Some idiots have cancelled their tickets also. 

- Even if we visit Ayodhya, we will not stay there, eat there, no shopping there, etc

Right Wing idiots have picked up this and made them viral. 

Arrey just think. If you do not stay at Ayodhya, where will you stay ? Obviously at the nearby city called Faizabad, where Jihadis are more in number, so they will earn our money. 

Means first incite Hindus not to visit Ayodhya, and if someone still goes, incite them not to spend money in Ayodhya where Hindus are in business. 

Result - creating mistrust among local Hindus and visitor Hindus. 

Just a Question - BJP lost in South Goa also. How many of you will stop going to South Goa ? 

शत्रु की चाल समजो और बहकावे में मत आओ 🙏

रामायण में तो एक मारीच था, हमे तो सहस्त्रो मारीचो से सामना करना पडेगा । तो सोचो कितनी सावधानी बरतनी पडेगी !

Nice articulation. Remain motivated

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