Dreams and Life

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At the end of one of my talks on *THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND*  a few years ago, a teacher approached me with a unique problem. 

"Sir, I have been suffering for last five year's because of my dreams." he lamented "The moment I slip into sleep, I am battered by all types of dreams. Sometimes, obscene, sometimes violent, disturbing, frightening and nightmares. I have visited many psychiatrists, but all in vain. Can you please help me?"

Since, the meeting was very brief, I could only recommended him to do some meditation.

However, after another talk after a year, I realised he was attended the talk. And again he approached me for for help with the same problem.

This time I took some time to explain him how dreams are formed during the sleeping state. 

There are five ways dreams are formed:

1. They are the recurrence in patches of events that are stored in the memory. The events could be of this life or the previous lives. 

2. Sometimes, they are patches of unfulfilled thoughts and desires. And also apprehensions and fears.

3. Sometimes dreams are in the form of intuitions, of future events that could happen in one's life.

4. Some dreams are not individual specific but place specific. Every place has impressions and memories, though the intensity may vary. If you are sleeping on a battlefield of the past, it's most likely that you will be pestered by violent dreams.

5. And finally, many a times dreams are mix of all the four above.

The teacher confirmed to me that it was not because of the place, because he was pestered by the dreams even after changing places.

The dreams were intensely troubling him. They affected his psyche. He was deeply suffering.

To alleviate him from such a state of suffering there were only two practical methods of relief:

1. Go through a few sessions of hypnotherapy, where the therapist cuts open the subconscious mind and dig out all such memories from the layers of the mind that were troubling him, in a state of trance.

2. Undergo a ten days Vipassana course, where you dive deep into yourself in noble silence and attempt to melt all the *samkharas* or the memories.

I received a call today from the teacher. I had almost forgotten him. 

His voice gleamed with joy. He had returned from successfully completing ten days Vipassana course. And the divine science of Vipassana had helped him to come out of the suffering which he was suffering for years.

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