Fast Track Judicial System Required to Punish the Terrorists in India

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In 2000, terrorists attacked 7 RAJRIF, the unit stationed within the Red Fort premises, resulting in the deaths of three soldiers.

Mohd Arif, the main culprit, was arrested by the Delhi police four days later. Now see the beauty of Indian justice system :

The trial court took five years to sentence him to death (2005). The Delhi HC took another two years to confirm the trial court's order (2007). Thereafter, the SC took four more years to maintain the same order (2011) and another year to reject the review petition (2012), then two more years to reject the curative petition (2014).

In Sep 2014, a constitution bench of the SC ruled that in all cases in which the death sentence was awarded by the High Court, such matters should be listed before a bench of three judges. Thus, Arif once again became eligible for a rehearing of the review petition which he filed.

Another eight years later, the SC rejected his review petition (2022). Then Arif filed a mercy petition, which was rejected TODAY by the President.

Twenty-four years after killing three of our soldiers and waging war against India, Arif is still alive and living on taxpayers' money. Just wow

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