Has everything eventuality arose to ask for Artillery Fire on Yourself?

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Know your heroes

  " The enemy is just 40 meters away from us, we are out numbered and running out of the ammunition; we need fire upon our own coordinate", CAPT B M CARIAPPA  "Bofors is a medium artillery gun with a killing range of 300 meters. The splinters will go flying on all direction. Chances are that you guys will not survive either." MAJ GURPREET MADHOK  "We will not survive in any case sir. We have run out of ammunition and I need the bloody fire here right now." CAPT CARIAPPA  "Roger! Fire shall be upon you in minutes. Take cover if you can. God bless you". MAJ GURPREET MADHOK Bofors come alive. After a while when Bofors calm down, the paratroopers starts stepping out of the cover one by one. It was difficult to believe that all the 14 of them from 5 PARA have survived. CAPT CARIAPPA goes to each man & hugs him saying " Saale tu bhi bach gaya".  On the other side more than 23 bodies of pakis from 33 FRONTIER FORCE were scattered on the slope in front of them.  All this happened on 20th Jun 1999. 🙏🏻 

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