Modi as a Commanding Officer

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*πŸ˜‚Just for laughs πŸ˜‚*

Modi is a difficult man. He is like that CO, who is a hard task master with fixed agenda. He is not bothered about any individual person. His Bn is his priority. And in this case he takes decisions where some time some individuals get offended. Also he is like a CO, who is thorough regimented but non PSC so all PSC hate him. Also he is not ex NDA hence many find him less appealing. He does not belong to so called marshal race, so those with jamindaar and royal background hate him and don't want him to grow.
And lastly he is that CO who is in his third year of command and awaiting posting with no Jack in MS branch. Thus he has become little intro and less open. He's also not sure whether he will make it in the next board or not.
From here onwards we leave it up to the imagination of those serving & veterans who have a lot of time to spare🀣

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