Some views on election results

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*Some views on election results.*

It's a great outcome for BJP.

To reach near to 250 alone and near to 300 as NDA, is not less than a miracle for any political party in bharat, if coming 3rd time in power, despite of all incumbancy factors.
So many points to celebrate.

First ever seat in Kerala.
Fantastic performance in Telangana and Andhra.

Unbelievable performance in Orissa. 

Winning three assembly elections (Andhra, Orissa & Arunachal Pradesh )

Great results in MP, Gujrat, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Delhi. 
If there are some challenging results in few states, it's part of political process.

 One can't win every match all the one. 

*Only challenge is UP results, which can be analysed later.*

Don't forget, BJP won Bastar, which is most naxal efected seat in bharat.

2 key leaders who opposed article 370 removal, both lost elections ( Omar and Mehbooba). 

The mistake BJP and its supporters making is, 'burden of over expectations'. 

The same mistake they made during last Bengal assembly elections. Therefore despite achieve a lot they look bit depressed. 

What a funny situation that party with less than 100 seats jaucgands are feeling winner and party with around 250 seats feeling lost. !

It's victory of BJP and its policies.

It's time to continue this work in bharat and across the world. 
It's time to Celebrate…Bhai ji

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