The History of Poori! 😇😇😇

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*The History of Poori! 😇😇😇*

*There was a girl who went by the name Poornima. Family and friends fondly called her "Poori."* 😲😲😲

*The name Poori became famous. One day, Poori accidentally fell in water. People started to call her, "Pani Poori."* 😜😜😜

*Hearing her cry for help, the people nearby shouted, "Save Poori, Save Poori." Instantly, she became Sev Poori.*😋😋😋

*Someone who knew swimming saved her. However, the Police registered it as a case of attempted suicide.* *Luckily, she got bail. She was rechristened to, "Bhel Poori."* 🤣🤣🤣

*Media added masala and ran the news for weeks. She then came to be known as "Masala Poori." 😏😏😏*

*Kuch bhi bhejo, story padh lete hai public, poori ki poori 😅😂🤣*

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