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  The world's best and shortest news interview 
*"Everyone Must Survive"*

  At a party attended by many celebrities, the gray-haired veteran walked up to the stage with a cane and took his seat.

  The host asked: "Do you still go to the doctor often?"

  "Yes, often."


  "Because patients must go to the doctor often, the doctor can survive!" 
The audience burst into warm applause, and people cheered for the veteran's optimism and witty language.

  The host then asked: 
"Do you often ask the pharmacist in the hospital about how to take the medicine?"

  "Yes, I often ask the pharmacist about how to take the medicine, because the pharmacist also has to make money to survive!" 
There was another round of applause from the audience.

  "Do you take medicine often?"

  "No, I often throw away the medicine. Because I also want to survive!" 
The audience laughed even more.

   The host finally said: 
"Thank you for accepting my interview!" 

The veteran replied: "You're welcome, I know, you have to live too!" 
The audience burst into laughter, applause, and cheers, which lasted for a long time! 

Another question: 
"Do you still chat in the group often?" 

The veteran replied: 
"Yes, I also want to live in the group! If I don't show up and don't chat, everyone will think I'm dead, and the group admin will kick me out." 

It is said that this joke was ranked first in the world, because everyone has to live with a smile. 

I wish all my course mates bumchums and friends happiness and health! 

Show up often and talk! 

Let people know that you are still alive!

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