Why we will break Modi ego?

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We broke Modi's ego by not voting for BJP in Bengal, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

This is not the first time we have done this; similarly, we have broken the ego of many big personalities by not supporting them in the past.

A long time ago, the ego of the Hindu king Dahir of Sindh was shattered by the Hindu kings of then Afghanistan and Rajasthan. Dahir wrote for help, but no one came. Dahir had a lot of ego about his valor and was killed. Now, it is a different matter that after that, the continuous decline of Hindus started in Sindh, and today Afghanistan is a completely Islamic nation.

In the same way, we broke the ego of Prithviraj Chauhan by not supporting him during Mohammad Ghori's invasion.

The people of Mewar also had a lot of ego about their bravery. When Khilji surrounded Mewar, no one from the entire Rajputana supported them, Rawal Ratan was killed by deceit, and Padmavati had to commit jauhar with 16,000 women. Padmavati also had a lot of ego about her beauty, which was shattered.

When Rana Sanga had captured Lodhi, the dacoit Babur was called to break their ego. In the battle, no one supported Rana Sanga, and his general was killed along with thirty thousand soldiers.

Sanga's ego was shattered. But the Lodhis had to endure the Mughal slavery, temples were destroyed, women were looted by the Mughals, but Sanga's ego was shattered.

The Marathas were very powerful; they had decimated the Mughals. They also had a lot of ego. When the Mughals were defeated, Abdali was called from Afghanistan to stop the infidels, and armies were set up in the battlefield of Panipat.

Abdali's army kept receiving supplies, but no one sent supplies to the Marathas, as their ego had to be shattered.

The Marathas kept fighting on empty stomachs, kept dying, and were defeated.

There is no house in Maharashtra where a son wasn't martyred, but the ego was shattered.

Countless times, we have shattered the egos of our own by not supporting them at the right time, and we will remove Modi from power as well. Even if we have to take help from the Goris, Mughals, Abdalis, or even Italy, Pakistan, and mortgage the country in their hands...

We will break Modi's ego, and in the future, we will break Yogi Ji's ego too.

Because we are only fit to live under the slavery of foreigners, non-believers, leftists, etc.

Remember, we also broke Atal Ji's ego and then endured ten years of suffering, but we are habitual of forgetting...

We will break Modi's ego.

Jai Hind.

Source: This is a translated Marathi article.

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