Are you missing these diamonds?

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Don't Miss the Opportunity

A man went to the beach, took a bath, played with the waves, then had his lunch and found a place to rest. There were no trees nearby. Ahead were some huge boulders. Behind them was a hilly area. He walked towards the hill, with the intention of lying down under the trees and resting.

He saw a cave behind the trees. He went there out of curiosity. It was a big cave, pretty clean. There were signs that someone had been there before. Someone had left a feather mat. He slept on the mat. The cave was cool and very windy. He woke up after sleeping for a couple of hours.

Before leaving, he noticed a cloth bag in the corner of the cave and picked it up. There were hundreds of lumps of clay in it, each about the size of a tennis ball. Maybe someone had brought some children and stayed in this cave, and the children would have made these mud balls.

He shouldered the bag and went back to the sea. He was walking on the shore next to the water waves. Then he wanted to reduce the weight of the bag. He removed a lump and forcefully threw it as far into the water as possible. Then he walked a little further and threw another ball, and it became a kind of game.

After some time, he climbed a nearby rock and stood. A couple of lumps were thrown from there. There were three or four lumps left. When he was about to remove another one and throw it away, his foot slipped. The ball in his hand fell on the rock and broke. A light shone from within. He bent down to see what it was. It was a shining diamond! Surprised, he broke the remaining two lumps and saw that each of them was also a diamond.

He was not happy to see them. Instead, he started crying. He sat down and hiccupped. Diamonds were sitting in hundreds of lumps of clay in his bag, and he had not known their value and had thrown them into the water!

Hundreds of events happen in our life, whether we like it or not. Hundreds of people come in contact with us. Each of them is like lumps of clay. If we observe them closely, if we touch them with love, the diamond inside is visible. We often forget them and miss the opportunity to see the good in everyone.

If we treat every person we come in contact with as a diamond, then we will stop seeing only faults and see the good in everyone.

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