How to sort out Boss?

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One keen kumar Stn Cdr got funny with a Re-emp Officer for losing his ID card despite his G1  telling him that lets not blame the offr, he is as it is retiring in two months. He said nothing doing hold a C of I and blame him. 

While taking statement he said 
" I was going for walk in evening around sunset, when I reached Stn Cdrs house, I saw a 3 Ton go in to  his house and the working party unloaded 2 tins of oil , 1 sack each of sugar, atta, rice  and  and 10-12 tins of cheese and some jerricans of fuel. That time I had pulled my hanky out of my pocket to wipe my sweat and i think my I card fell out there while watching all this. 

Presiding offr read this to Stn Cdr and he bursted out "bloody nonsense, nothing like this has ever happened, how can he say this crap??

Presiding offr said he can say anything in his statement and we have to record it. 
Then his G1 adviced- Sir people will forget his ID card inquiry and start a new one on you.... based on his statement!!!

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