Happy Driving Tips

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1. Get veh serviced at least a week before you leave. 
2. check oils, Lubes and DEF levels. DEF is there in new Gen vehs, veh won't run if DEF tank empty. 
3. fill up windscreen wiper and add good quality wiper fluid which doesn't coagulate. If wiper leaves a trail while cleaning, change them. Visibility is important and makes a difference in eye fatigue. Use while driving at regular intervals. 
4. Update road side assistance (RSA) data. 
5. Save numbers of service stations enroute. Download veh/ manufacturer specific app. 
6. Numbers of local fmns enroute. (Friends enroute). Print and keep handy. Make a detailed Excel sheet with halts etc and contact number of that night halt.
7. plan alternate routes. 
8. Carry extra water (other than drinking) in the car. Buy a two ltr can. Enough. 
9. Buy a can of silicon spray and coat Lower surfaces on sides. (15 inches). Do not wash car till destination. After reaching, just wipe of dust and grime and wash. 
10. If loading car fully, follow tyre pressure guidelines for 5 passengers. 
11. Remove  air from tyres and fill nitrogen. Check for old cuts and leaks and repair. Check rims are OK. 
12. If tyre's have reached end of usability (check TWI) or life, change before departure. 
13. Check validity and applicability of FasTag. 
14. ARMY stickers on windscreen and rear not to be in line of vision. 
15. Carry RTPCR report, cert from local auth certifying mov on duty and asymptomatic cert as applicable/ vaccination certificate - whatever is applicable. 
16. Car documentation, PUC and DL. 
17. Ownership documents. Carry copies of these and Aadhaar/ pan as applicable in case required to be handed over. 
18. Rope/Towing strap strong enough for towing. Check on Amazon. Also check towing guidelines in manual. Some new Gen vehs and automatics can only be towed from front. 
19. Spare fuzes, 2 of each amperage. 
20. Umbrella and poncho. 
21. Cash. Carry just enough so you don't have to go to an ATM. Stash them in car at various locations. 
22. Contact details in case of emergency to be pasted inside car facing inside and copy in wallet. 
23. Update insurance and carry copy. 

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