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I read this incident about Indian cricketer Arun Lal. Some of you must have also read it. It is so fascinating that I feel like sharing with all of you.
As you know, Arun Lal was an Indian cricketer who opened the innings with Gavaskar. Later, he was diagnosed with rare jaw cancer and was operated. He recovered, bounced back, and became a TV commentator, and later a coach. 
It was four decades ago when cricketer Arun Lal moved from Delhi to Kolkata. Around the same time the right-handed batsman was playing for the Indian national team, the young son of the local dhobi, Bikash, would come to his house along with his father every day, and Lal's wife Debjani would tutor him in English.
A relationship thus started with English  coaching.  Lals, who don't have kids, took Bikash Chowdhury under their wing, and guided and helped him in his education. Bikash splitting his time between the Lal home and his father's pavement dwelling in Bhawanipore, went on to study in an English medium school, Courtesy Lal's, Bikash did BCom and MCom. Then he appeared for the CAT. In 2000, got into IIM Kolkata. Jobs with Deutsche Bank and Credit Agricole followed, including a stint in London for DB. Bikash Chowdhury, 41, is now the associate vice president of treasury at JSW Steel, and based in Mumbai. The amazing rags-to-riches story of the boy who grew up on the footpath in Kolkata and then cracked one of India's toughest colleges to become a corporate honcho is inspiring.
On his part, Bikash has generously and openly expressed his gratitude to the Lals. 
Very recently, Bikash Chowdhury has gifted his mentor a Mercedes, while he himself drives a Volkswagen Vento and Renault Duster. He also financially aided the Lal family when they wanted to move from an apartment into a bungalow. As the ultimate tribute, Bikash and his wife named their daughter Arunima after Arun. "We gained a son. He is a terrific human being and I am grateful to the Lord for Bikash," said Arun Lal.
Truly fascinating.

 *So nice to know that. When the whole world is making fun of Arun,me inclusive* nobody knows this wonderful side of the talented cricketer who made  Bengal his home! Kudos! 👍👏👏👏👏😊

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