Hypocritical character of Indians

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The Taiwanese friend asked-
"How many Britishers stayed in India to rule 200 years?"

The Indian gentleman said that there must have been about "10,000!"

"Then who tortured 32 crore people?
They were your own people, weren't they?

When General Dyer said "fire" then who fired at 1300 unarmed people? The British army was not there at that time.

Why did not a single gunman (all Indians) turn back and kill General Dyer?

He just asked-
Can you tell how many Mughals came to India? For how many years did he rule India? And kept India enslaved! And by converting your own people, set them against you, who, in the greed of 'some' money, started torturing their own people

So my friend, your own people are killing your own people for centuries, just for some money?

He said that, "when the British came to Hong Kong, not a single person enlisted in their army because they did not have the courage to fight against their own people?"

It is the hypocritical character of Indians, that most of the Indians are always ready to sell out completely, without any thought? And the same is going on in India even today. Whether it is opposition or any other issue, in anti-national activities and in activities for their own benefit, the people of India always give second place to the national interest. For you guys "me and my family" comes first. "Society and country" go to hell?

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