Pay Protection Case in Supreme Court

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I read the entire order of SC. 

Basic facts of the case are about a short service commission AMC doctor who left Army and joined CRPF. He was Major at the time of discharge and had basic pay of Rs. 48000/- & grade pay of Rs. 6600/-. On employment in CRPF he was taken as Assistant Commandant with grade pay of Rs. 5400/- and placed at the beginning of Pay Band (PB3). Now the rule says that such re-employed person (SSC & EC only) should be given increments equal to number of years of military service. In his case these increments were given but it was less than Rs. 48000/- (last basic pay drawn).

*Obiter Dicta*

 This was challenged on the ground of "pay protection", which has been not agreed by SC.

For permanent commission officers the pay protection order is applicable in case of re-employment in civil.

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