MD ECHS Replies on requirement of Dependents Validation

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While you may have your views on the matter, the policy letter has been taken out with lot of deliberations. It has the approval at the highest level. The aim is to weed out the ineligible dependents such as parents, brothers, sisters, earning and overage children etc.

No primary beneficiary and the spouse are affected. As regards life certificate of the primary beneficiaries is concerned, it is the responsibility of ECHS to obtain it from PCDA (Pensions). 

The beneficiaries need not bother. So they do not have to do anything.

Only those who are illegitimately availing the ECHS services need to worry. With the software in place, the whole validation process is simple and can be done at home for those who can and for those who need help, it can be done at ECHS polyclinics.
Your views are only based on apprehensions and not on any sound data. If along the way we find certain difficulties, we will tweak the method and software but in principle the idea to weed out ineligible beneficiaries remains.

Maj Gen NR Indurkar, SM MD ECHSCentral Org ECHS AG's BranchIHQ of MoD (Army)Thimmaya Marg, Delhi Cantt

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