Why do we go to these Dargah?

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Well from this episode I was just wondering...

Why do we go to these Dargah? We will analyse the issue from both view points

A dargah is technically a place of the dead*. It's basically a grave. In vedic or hindu astrology it's a place lorded by planet RAHU, the dragon's head.

Rahu is born out of the demon who was beheaded by Lord Vishnu and head became Rahu and lower part the KETU. 

Rahu is worshipped by Muslims mainly. 

Infact the Prophet of Muslims, Mohammed was against worshipping the dead. Or visiting such places. And people doing so were cursed also.
Saudi Arabia has destroyed many of these dargahs, in thousands. 

The reason for visiting these places is to get a Mannat or wish fulfillment. 
Rahu is very powerful, is a mirage and made of dark and invisible energy and doles out wishes as favours easily. But Rahu extracts it's favours with interest too!! 
In hinduism deads are never buried but burnt. These are considered to be discarded and these Ghats are places of Shaiva or Rahu. Rahu is also the rudra rupa of Lord shiva Rudra is to cry, and thus it's supposed to make you cry. So whenever you go undergo period of Rahu in your life, it's terrible or a tempest situation. It's the greatest truth of Jyotisha. That's why the practice of offering human Rakh or ashes at some Jyotirlingas, to please Rahu so that he doesn't cause trouble. 

So, that leaves with a moot thought?? 
Shall one visit a Dargah? It's a matter of independent judgement.  *My answer to a Hindu will be NO.* 
I have been to Ajmer Dargah but my experience was very different, from a place of real worship irrespective of worldly religious places. It was simply unpleasant. 
Rahu is diametrically opposite to energy of Jupiter. 
On a number line Jupiter ranges from 0 to positive infinity while Rahu is in opposite direction i.e 0 to negative infinity. 
The choice is yours!!

Other view Point

We must realise whether it a mandir or a Dargah- the idol or the grave has no powers, it the is collective faith of the people / devotees that has the power. So let people believe in what they have faith in , irrespective of religious inclinations as faith moves mountains

Counter Point

 There is a sea of difference between these places. There is an ocean of difference between an idol in a hindu temple and elsewhere and a grave. Can't be compared. It's grossly incorrect to do that.

I invite you to read our vedic texts and also the Ram Janmabhoomi case brief which shall be a great eye opener for all of us.

There is no connect with Religions. I chose to explain things through vedic and ancient knowledge and not through the worldly religious understanding and misunderstandings.

And as I have explicitly said, it's personal choice. 

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