Relationship Matters

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Unless you take responsibility for your own healing, you will continue to expect that it is your (relationship) partner's responsibility to heal you.

It is like expecting him/her to carry your baggage without you knowing what and how much your baggage is and that too when they have their own baggage to carry.

As long as you continue to expect your healing to be their responsibility, you will continue to be disappointed and will continue to repeat your self fulfilling prophecy. 

All men are like that. All women are like that. 

And no matter how many partners you keep changing - you will keep getting the same back in every new partner.

So if you have been getting the same back in every new partner, ask yourself what in you needs healing, what in you have you been making it others responsibility to heal.

Oh and one more thing, healing doesn't mean that your relationship will necessarily work out. Healing means that you will become aware of the dysfunction pattern in your relationships and consciously walk away from these dysfunction patterns and if it means walking away from that relationship, you do so with love in your heart and grace in your presence.

Think About It!

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