Life certificate validity and due date explained for Sparsh migrated pensioners

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For information & action by ONLY those to whom applicable. All who have submitted ALC( Annual Life Certificate) in Oct / Nov 2022, our next Due date is Oct / Nov 2023.        However, if you have been Migrated after the above months, Oct/ Nov 22, then SPARSH gives a new date. Example of My case. I was migrated on 20 Feb 2023, ie after Oct/ Nov 22, and SPARSH have mentioned my new Due date as 31 Jan 2024. Therefore,  please check this date , it should be the last date of the previous month in which migrated. Also, " Identification " is the same as "Annual Life Certificate ". It also means that " Each of us will have our own date of submission of Annual Life Certificate "  after migration to SPARSH& NOT the standard one of Oct / Nov,  as was the practise till now. Please note this date on migration and submit the Annual Life Certificate as per this date & more importantly as per the format given in the SPARSH, Guide or site.

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