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They say marriages are made in heaven. In Kannada we call it *Brahma gantu*..the knot tied between two souls by Lord Brahma himself.

How does one choose the right partner?

The material aspects are easy to inquire and find out. However the intrinsic aspects are very difficult to know.

There are ancient tools using horoscopes of the potential spouse one can try to understand what the journey of the person would be like. After all one is going to join the journey of the other person. The marital bliss is all about how they spend their lives together during this journey.

My long research of many years has helped in understanding this journey, which helps us in decision making in choosing the potential life partner.

The aspects one should be concerned about the potential spouses are given below:

1. *Overall personality* - whether he/she is soft, ruthless, understanding etc

2. *Health* - What if the potential partner has health issues related to the reproductive system, for eg. erectile dysfunction? Can we come to know about this? To some extent yes.

3. *Extra Marital affairs* - Finding any chances of a potential partner getting into extra marital affairs later on.

4. *Money/ Business/ Materialistic life* - This too is an important aspect. One needs to be comfortable and live a good life

5. *Relationship with In laws* - I am sure you desire the son/ daughter in law would be respectful and caring about you. 

6. *Prospect of having children*- One of the main tasks the nature desires from all of us is procreation. You would like your lineage to progress and prosper.

The above are some of the criteria for selection of groom or bride.

These can be found out on detailed analysis of horoscopes of the boy or the girl.

If you have some options of proposals, then make a Matrix as given below.

 It would help.

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