Biggest threat to humans

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The biggest threat to humans is not artificial intelligence but their own mind. The mind's capabilities are infinite as only a minuscule part of it is being used yet it has produced tremendous results in this world. But the biggest challenge is to control it. The mind has a mind of its own. If you let it take over then you are going to become it's slave. With so much information to be assimilated in today's world, we need to choose what we want to feed our mind with. The mind has a disproportionate capacity to absorb information and then use it against the very human who gives it. In order to live a balanced life, the only thing that is in our hands is to choose what we are we watching, reading or talking regularly because once that information reaches the mind , it's going to impact us without any control on it. Choose wisely what you feed this human intelligence otherwise be ready to become a slave of it.

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