Paper planes

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Paper planes

To those who are always behind us, though sometimes we may not see them.

To those who are too busy flying fighter jets to teach their daughters to make paper planes.

To those sons who will point at every aeroplane that skims the horizon to proudly claim, "that's my father!".

To those men and women whose hearts will return wrapped in the tricolour and chipped aluminium; Who will place dented helmets beside faded polaroids of days gone by.

To those youth who will break solemn promises- "I'll come back soon."

To those families that will stare out of windows, refusing to draw down curtains as they hope against hope. 

To those who can truly say the sky is the limit.

To those who fly above us yet are so rooted to the cause of their motherland.

Those brave hearts whose faces are lined with sweat and determination as they kiss the ground beneath their feet before they embrace the heavens for the last time.

To those who take every sortie with a last salute. 

To the white saris and navy-blue shirts stashed away and medals hung on rusted nails. To survival and martyrdom and the presence of absences. To commodores and flight lieutenants and wingmen. To parades and memoirs and sacrifices and soldiers in the sky.

The Eighth of October is for them.
Happy Airforce Day.

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