Are Mules trained in Staff Course?

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Mules trained in Staff Course!!!

In early nineties there was a Wargame in one of the Mountain Division. On the last day of the wargame, the Army Commander also came. Things were going as per copy book precision and the wargame ended with the summing up " Well fought Red, Blue is the winner". The Div Cdr had a sigh of relief and requested the Army Commander to give his pearls of wisdom.

Army Cdr after sharing his wisdom and complimenting the Div Cdr, asked if anyone has any questions or doubt. A Col ( CO of AT Bn) sitting in the last row in the corner seat got up and said " Sir, I am sorry to say that the plans discussed in the wargame are not practical and will not work in war".

Now the conversation between Army Cdr (AC), CO AT Bn (CO) and Col GS ops (GS) went like this –

AC (visibly annoyed) – What do you mean to say?

CO- Sir, in the planning parameters it has been taken into account that my AT mules will be able to lift ……kgs of load in a week and hence to shift one defense brick it will take 7 days, whereas my mules will take 9 days to shift the defense brick.

AC to GS (almost losing his cool) – Yes, what do you have to say?

GS – Sir, as per the planning parameters which were taught to us  in Staff Course, a mule can lift …. Kgs of load and hence our planning is absolutely perfect and we will be able to achieve our objective within the time frame.

AC to CO( visibly happy now and sarcastically) – I hope that clears your doubt, you should have your facts correct. You still have anything to say?

CO- Sir I agree with Col GS but unfortunately my mules are not Staff Course qualified so they don't know they are supposed to pick up …..Kgs of load.

There was a pin drop silence thereafter and the chilled beer seemed boiling hot in the lunch afterwards!!😶

True Story, 1993, 

XX Mtn Div....

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