Tiger 3 review

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Tiger3 review:
A propaganda film released on Diwali to promote greatness of non-violent Pakistan in its time of worst self-created crisis. 

1. Noble Pak politicians want peace with India
2. Noble Pak ISI loves India and is waiting for India to respond
3. It is only one bad ex-ISI agent who wants to destroy India and hence is court-martialed by great Pakistan after being caught.
4 This ex ISI agent wants to become pak PM with the help of pak army. So they plan to kill the saintly Pak PM
5 A Botox ISI agent and a sleepy R&AW agent join hands to save pak democracy and pak PM

It  is all about Dil Dil Pakistan. Nothing about India except that India needs to respond to Pak's love

- Seem to be all copied from Mission Impossible series. 
- Difference is that Tom Cruise tries to do most of his stunts. Here, a slow-moving Salman asks video editor and doubles to do it all. 
- A sadakchhaap girls-in-towels fight scene seem to be copied from some XXX videos. 

- School kids do better job these days in summer breaks.
-In one scene, a bomb blast destroys floor of a building, but the tree next to it remains as it is.
- Salman seems to beat Spider Man and Super Man in super-long jumps and flights that defy physics
-Blasts only appear as fire-designs on still images

Salman should better start playing Asit Sen roles. He is too slow and sleepy. Katrina's Botox can't hide her ineptness.

Countless spy and action films are available on streaming and even free on Youtube that will damage your brain far lesser than this utter trash. 

- A sleazy Prabhu Ka Naam song on Hindu faith. Why not Rasul Ka Naam when film is all about Pakistan? The answer to this question explains the agenda and mindset behind this kachra. 

But Hindustan me jab tak Sanima hai, log ...

If you love your brain, stay away. Better donate to needy than fund their Botox and Daaru

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