Breasts : None could have had defined it better

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The Predatory Breasts Recent scientific studies have shown that d more u look at d female breasts d longer u live..the Anatomy of d Mammary Glands r unique..there r 15 to 20 Lobes arranged like d Petals of a flower in rosette pattern..each lobe is further divided into lobules or Alveoli & each lobules have small bulbs which produce milk with terminates at d Nipples which is a very sensitive organ when stimulated..thereby d magnificent Engineering is such with glandular & fatty tissues superimposed with veins & hormones such as progesterone, Estogen & Lactogen that makes u to attain Nirvana or a meditative state of timelessness ..not found in any other Squeeze. The Beautiful Breasts r not only for sustainable growth & nourishment for d offspring through Lactation but also an attractive sensation sexually ..whenever we meet a woman our eyes fall prey for a few secs to d predator Breasts..No doubt it's an impeccable female organ, a cynosore of all male eyes making her potentially attractive ..not to mention about Vatsayans Kamasutra which vividly explains d importance of d Organ & methods to attain pleasure for both genders, in day to day usage we get pleasure by reffering defensive walls in d armed forces as Breast walls..not to mention about d Breast stroke Swimming ..or Mandakinis Breasts during indication of Landmark Truly Salute d Anatomical engineering Landmark provisioned to d feminine..& wish u all males to live longer lured by those predatory Breasts staring at u🙏🤩

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