Why Never ever Retire?

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The fame and respect for Olympic Gold Medalist Neeraj Chopra is based on his untiring and relentless hard work. He would have undergone several years of training, personal sacrifices, injuries and lot of doubts. Still he is again tested - He also knows that the Competition awaits him. May be a new challenger or an old foe - the arena is going to be again open for the Throw.

He is a champion because the day he won the last medal, he rested a bit and started training for the next competition. The only constant in his life is "Training" and "Hardwork".

Similarly you got successful when you got through SSB or got recommended to a CAPF. Remember the joy you felt. Then the grind of training and you stepped out of the academy's "Antim Pag". Then again a journey of work and labour.

The higher you rose, the stiffer is the competition, more harsh is the criticism, more detailed is the scrutiny - the only constant is you will always be challenged, asked awkward questions, judged, rejected. 

So take this fight for excellence as the journey to enjoy. If you had in you to be where you are then going ahead is also possible.

You might be a little over whelmed, so take it one task at a time. Instead of getting shell shocked and freezing in the tracks, take one step at a time.

If you are weak it will take a bit more of time. If you are strong if will take even more time - your orbit of competition is tougher.

Never ever retire - you have so much to give, so much to contribute, so much to build, so much to change, so much to assist, so much to extend, so much to work.


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