Can Knowing Tyre Pressure Save Your Life?

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Seven youths from Aurangabad died in a road accident yesterday.
 The only reason was a car tire burst.
 An important MSG is that the newly constructed expressway is currently witnessing incidents of vehicle tire bursts. In which many people are losing their lives every day.
The question came to my mind that why most accidents happen on the most modern roads in the country? And there is only one mode of accident and that too only by flat tire. What spikes have the builders put on the road so that everyone's tires burst?
 A storm arose in my mind, I thought I should find out this thing today.
 So we got together to do some research, we invited a friend to take a Scorpio SUV for testing and we went (note that the real problem is the flat tire) first we checked the cold tire pressure and adjusted it according to international standards which is 25 psi
 (Air pressure is kept the same in cars of all developed countries
 When people in our country are not aware of this or they fill the tires with more air than required to save fuel which is usually 35 to 45 PSI.
 Let's move on now
 After that we got on four lanes and drove the car, the speed of the car was kept at 120 - 140 km/hr.
 After driving at such a fast pace for two hours, we reached near Udaipur
 When we stopped and checked the tire pressure again, we were shocked.
 Now the tire pressure was 52 psi
 Now the question arises as to how the tire pressure increased so much
 Therefore, when a thermometer was placed on the tire, the temperature of the tire was 92.5 degrees Celsius.
 The whole mystery is now revealed that the air inside the tires expands due to the friction of the tires on the road and the heat generated by the brakes.
 The air pressure in B2B tires is too high
 Since the air in our tires is already up to international standards, they are spared from bursting
 But tires that are already under inflated (35 -45 PSI)
 Or a tire that has a cut is more likely to explode
So get your tire pressure right before heading to the four lanes and enjoy a safe ride
 I request the Expressway Authority to sensitize the drivers about this so that the journey on the highway does not become one's last journey.
Tip.....Instead of air fill the tire with NITROGEN Gas!! This should be done by force. Due to this, if the temperature of the tire increases, the gas inside will not circulate. Nitogen gas has high calorific value.!!
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 Even if you save someone's life by doing so, your human birth will be blessed.
This important message needs to reach everyone.

Thank you from the IIT group.

 Others can corellate if this is the exact problem 🤔

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