Kashmir issue in Orthopaedic term written by one of junior Doctors!

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Kashmir issue in Orthopaedic term written by one of  junior Doctors!

*Orthopedic Point of view*

When *India* got freedom it was in *Multifragment  fractured* bone.

An expert  surgeon *Sardaar Patel* fixed all fragments very efficiently  and they all united but a large fragment was unstable.

HOD *Nehru* said I will handle and operate.
He fixed it with costly implant ( *worth £370* ) but it got infected as appropriate sterilisation was not done.

It started discharging pus inspite of giving costly antibiotics.

Repeated  curettage( *Kargil*),
Even seqestrectomy ( *Bangladesh*) failed off
And on pus discharge redness fever kept recurring .

A Pathologist ( *Doval*) identified a 
super bug infection prevelent some parts of the world and resistant to all treatment.

A surgeon *Modi* even did *Saucerisation* of areas showing cavities ( *Surgical strike*), but it did not work.

They suspected that If left as such malignant changes may occur.

Oppertunistic infections ( *Pak*) was also a problem. 

Some big medical shopkeepers did not favour redical cure as they were making money from costly medicine sales for treatment of this problem.

In 2019 *Chief Surgeon Modi* who has been treating it conservatively  without results decided to go for some radical procedure,
not tried by previous surgeons as they lacked courage to handle such a difficult case and we're happy taking commission from Pharma dealers( *Vote bank*). 

He consulted a renowned anesthesiologist ( *Amit Shah*) who had all the latest equipments to handle critical surgery. 

That surgery has been done,
*Dr Ravi Shankar Prashad* assisted.

Affected bone split, healthy ( *Laddakh*) isolated to one side, 
Implant gentamicin beads( *security forces*) placed in infected part
With exicision of sinuses ( *Arrests of Mahbooba, Abdulla*) 
And covering the wound with vascularised ( *Union Territory*) graft. 

Patient is stable but those eying Chief surgeon's post and perks associated with it are creating ruckus.

Shouting  why case was not referred ( *UN*) and why case was not discussed with other teams and so on.

They don't want a permanent cure .

This is it 🙏🏞

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