Change is the only constant

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Change is the only constant. Be it cameras, phones, homes, ships, travel, food, beauty and experiences and even sexuality. 

By the way, Sodomy was a crime till a few years back. Many were prosecuted in UK. Now it's legalised and officially permitted. 

Similarly, Suicide was considered a lowly and disgraceful act. Pensions were not allowed in such cases as late as 2008 (Hoping my memory is still young enough). But it was accepted as a reason for stress and further consequences. Pension was allowed. 

And another one... 
The Pope and papacy has been preaching not to use condoms. But people don't really listen to him even... 

So change is the only constant, while we as humans will certainly have our opinions. 
And opinions are just opinions, like a passing thought... Nothing less nothing more. 

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