Why SPARSH Data Update Showing Pending Since Last Year ?

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Why SPARSH Data Update Showing Pending Since Last Year ?

Many of us have updated our SPARSH Profile data related to Family Details, Address Change Details , service related information or any other information but showing pending at Record Office level since long. Besides this many of us have lodged grievances on SPARSH portal one year ago or earlier/later but still not resolved.

What may be the reason ?
According to information received from the source, the SPARSH PCDA Pensions Allahabad is totally busy with Mass Migrations of the Remaining Pensioners, thus  leaving all other Works to Standstill.

All Service Requests/ Grievances, where Notification of Corr PPO is Mandatory before the Update of Data is visible in the SPARSH Portal to the pensioners, are being delayed due to scarcity in resources i.e insufficient manpower/system Vs within given time . However Service Request and Grievances are being Processed, Approved & Updated in their Server. Corr PPOs & SPARSH PPOs would be Notified at the Earliest Once Migration of Pensioners in hand is Completed.

When enquired by a Senior veteran officer, the above fact was communicated to him by the Public Grievance CGDA  on response of  a Service Request, being handled by them in person. To support their Statement, he forwarded the Screenshot of their Server also.

So, respected veteran members, kindly wait for a few weeks more and it is expected that soon they will overcome the issue and regular update of service requests and grievance redressal which is the most important aspect of the SPARSH  portal will be effectively resolved.
Moreover, regarding update/ change of Address and particulars of family details i.e name correction, date of birth correction , addition, alteration,  rectification or deletion of name of any member of the family should be done through Zila Sainik Board.  Firstly, DO Part II Order/NE POR to be obtained duly submitted requisite documents and thereafter apply through SPARSH.  

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