Few places around Dharamsala and YOL for tourism

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Inputs on a few places around Dharamsala and YOL 
                             1.  Aandretta - This tiny village, 12km ahead of Palampur is famous for its blue pottery. Specific yo this village, blue pottery came to fame owing to son in law of famous painter Shri Sobha Singh. Sobha Singh's brilliant work inclueds Sohni Mahiwal, Gandhiji's portrait among many others. Mini Singh, Sobha Singh's son in law established pottery workshop in Andretta. One can enroll in small courses to learn nuances of making blue pottery. Very calm, serene and rural, rustic surrounding which is frequesnted by genuine art lovers.       2. Norbulingka - An offshoot of Tibetan Govt in exile located close to YOL, this monastry boasts healthy influx of tourists. This place hosts a big center which promotes and creates Tibetan artifacts like furniture, carpets, dhoop sticks, wall hangings and table top decorative pieces of metals. Norbulingka also has a cozy restaurant which offers lovely tea and continental breakfast & Tibetan cuisine. However, the purchase cost is tad higher. Quite an interesting place, though.             3.Taragarh - A fort converted into heritage hotel owned by Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir. Stunningly scenic, nestled in quiet surroundings enveloped in orchards, this hotel offers pampering stay and fantastic local and continental cuisine. One should try Madra with rice here. The property has a lovely massage parlor too. If one has moolah to spare, this is a great option to do so.                                          4. Tea Estates - On the way to Palampur from YOL, one can easily checkout the roadside tea vondors. The road winds through tea estates on both sides. The managers take visitors for a languid walk through the well manicured tea gardens and offer excellent cuppa tea too.                                      5.  Chinmaya Tapovan - Just behind the State Assembly (Winter), Chinmay Mission run Tapovan is a must visit location. This is THE place for spiritually inclined. One can book rooms/suits online and join spiritual discourses of different duration. Pindrop silence prevails inside Dhyan Mandir. There'sa beautiful Ram Mandir inside the campus surrounded by fragrant flowers and soothing trees. A must visit place. And it is very close by to YOL.                                     6. Mahindra Resorts - Right on the road from YOL to Dharamsala, this resort offers lovely food. Rajma Chawal is too good to miss.                7. Madra - Coming back to Rajma, this local dish is simply awesome. Made of minimum ingredients, Madra asks for patience while preparing it. Half steamed Rajma is to be added later on in pure ghee and curd added with a pinch of Ratanjot (a peculian herb) simmered on low flame with salt to taste. Result is pure bliss. One can confer with a Himachali to seek this terrific taste bud pleaser.          8. Momos - Finally, who can discount this one? There's is a tiny place opposite Himachal Tourism Office near Dharamsala. I'm forgetting the name. Kala Momos or so... One has to climb down a few steps from the main road cramped in a narrow gully. In 2008, there was a tiny delivery counter from where heavenly dumplings were handed out. This joint offers veg momos and mutton/chicken and pork momos. Mutton momos are worth to kill for. Especially due to red chilli garlic chutney that accompanies.                       ENJOY !!

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