Implications NFU for Faujis

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Implications of NFU.. these are broad implications of NFU for Faujis, in a layman's language 

1. *Implications on Rk*  .. There will be no  change in Rk due to NFU.. a Col/ Brig will remain as Col/ Brig .. will continue to tenate the same posts/ appts.. & retire in the same Rk as he is retiring presently.. it's like MACP for NCOs/OR..

2. *Implications on Status*.. NFU was not supposed to have any impact on Status.. being Non Functional ..but.. on grnd, grant of NFU has resulted in partial upgradration of Status on many issues..  since Govt Deptts & Employees on many aspects draw Status Equiv based on Pay Scales/ Pay Levels..

3. *Implications on Basic Pay & Pay Levels*.. NFU translates into first Financial Upgradation in abt 19-20 yrs.. second in abt 25-26 yrs .. & third in abt 32-33 yrs.. with each Upgrade, we are to receive one Increment & our Pay gets refixed in Higher Pay Level as is done during Promotions.. i.e. we move to Pay Level 14 in 19-20 yrs, to Level 15 in abt 25-26 yrs & finally to 16 in abt 32-33 yrs.. subsequently, when some of us happen to receive higher actual/ Substantive Promotions, at that time there will be no increment/ upgrade in Pay, as upgrade had already taken place during preceding yrs.. it will be only change in Rk at that time.. it will result in partial delinking of Pay with Ranks..

4. *Implications on Allces & other Entitlements* .. a lot of allces & other entitlements are directly related/ connected to Pay Levels.. with upward revision of Pay Levels due to NFU, all such Allces & Entitlements will get automatically upgraded.. 

5. *Overall Implications*.. NFU will result in increase in overall life time emoluments/ earnings, higher Pay Levels, higher Status & increased higher level other Perks/ Entitlements.. 

6. *Implications on MSP*.. this is a little complex issue.. MSP is connected to Fauji Rks & not Pay Levels.. it's a spl compensation for our disturbed & tough service conditions, while NFU is compensation for comparative non-promotions/ stagnation .. hence.. grant of NFU should have no bearing on MSP.. however.. this issue has not been discussed by Pay Commissions/ Services HQ/ MoD.. but.. seeing the Govt's arguments in SC, it's likely that in case NFU is gtd to Faujis, then Govt may try to play tricks with the MSP during 2nd & 3rd Financial Upgrade.. so as to reduce the overall fin implications..

7. *Implications on Pension*.. Presently over 70% Fauji Offrs are retiring in Pay Level 13.. with NFU, everyone will retire in Pay Level 16/17, with higher last drawn Basic Pay.. & will automatically get entitled to OROP .. higher last drawn Basic Pay implies higher Basic Pension.. however .. we have another add on factor in our Pension - MSP.. how Govt will play out tricks on MSP after grant of NFU , can't be predicted.. but.. this is for certain that after receipt of NFU, we will draw higher life time emoluments & higher Pension..

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