NFU Final Order given by Court AFT

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The operative part of the AFT judgment is as follows
1. The NFU as visualized by the VI CPC and claimed by the petitioners will be implemented for the petitioners
2. GOI letters  Annexures A-3 letter dated 15.07.2010 and A-6 letter dated 24.10.2011 are set aside and quashed;
3. To avoid multiplicity of proceedings and also considerable expenditure in litigation, we direct applicability of NFU to all similarly placed officers of the Defence Forces (Army, Navy and the Air Force)
4. The arrears, on account of the NFU to the petitioners and others, will, however, be restricted for a period of three years preceding the date of pronouncement of this order(23 Dec 2016) as the O. As are filed on different dates in the year 2015 and 2016, and we grant the benefit of NFU to non petitioners also.  The arrears, however, would not carry any we grant the benefit of NFU to the non-petitioners interest
5. The respondents shall ensure payment of arrears within next four months from the date of receipt of this order. (23 Dec 2016) Note: This means from 23 Dec 2013 effectively covering OROP I
6. The direction issued to grant NFU is subject to the decision that may be taken by the Central Government on the basis of the recommendations of VII CPC, which has recommended abolition of NFU altogether. It is, however, made clear that if the Central Government decides to continue with grant of NFU to IAS, IPS and other Group A Services, the same benefit of NFU shall continue to be granted to the officers of the Defence Forces (Army, Navy and the Air Force)

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